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And so it's time to run again

To break free of your chains

Those nails that held you down for once

Will not hold you down again

It's time to fly, like a bird, patrolling his own sky

He's got a peaceful feeling, such an easy feeling

It's the peace that gets him high



Can no-one out there understand that we don't need more war

Or doing things we've often done, what is it for

Be as tribes and proud of it, be as you are, don't fight

Be strong to care and share alike, two wrongs don't make a right


All of us have made mistakes

Yet we can try again

To be the one who gives, not takes

By easing someone's pain

We live but once, no second try

To be the same twice over

What we once speed up, we must slow down

Look 'fore leap, or we get nowhere


Now come you tribes of all mankind

Stretch out hands, reach in your hearts

Let White Dove come from in yourself

World Peace from all its parts

So I'm calling on the people

Saying, people please get ready

I´m asking all the people

Asking people who is ready






The eyes of the world are watching, watching...

Waiting every move

But I'm sick and tired of waiting for

The World to make its move


The politicians say, ”We must tighten up!”

While they extort more and more

They better realize that they deal, not with fools...

Yeah sure I'm keeping score


It's just their lust for power...

More money breeds more greed

And makes the people fight each other

Our needs become their seeds.


They may dress it up as religious war

Or terrorists breaking rules

But see I know my history...

Me too I went to school



It's the same The Whole World Over

Not just one special place

What if our Gods are sisters and brothers?

Wake up! The Human Race...


Different colour, different eyes

Same skin and bone beneath

We must cross the language barriers

To share the world in deed




Children Of A Greater God


We are the children of a Greater God

Don't knock it, 'cause we are

Just Imagine when you're looking back

Not only near, think far

We are the children of a Greater God

Together healing wounds

We can make the world a better place

It can not begin too soon


If there's such a thing as eye for eye

Or maybe tooth for tooth

Then one thing's sure, there's wrong or right

And speaking lies, still truth

All women, men, each boy and girl

Has their share of pain

All these people, facing fears

Just trying to keep self-sane



So different lives, such different dreams

How many feel they've failed

Perhaps because, a snide remark

Too much, too deep

Too much, too deep, too strange


We are the children of a Greater God

Loving to the end

Throwing away bitterness,

Not breaking hearts... we mend

Please come and join, you're welcome here

All hours, an open door

Smile, put on your happy face

We are sure you'll cry no more







Play the game and don't cop out

That's what the voices tell me

But now I'm playing catch on up

The child has gone and left me


For what once was, is clear no more

There were so many choices

What did seem wrong, may now be right

According to the voices


Yet still I yearn for innocence

Naive hoped, I did not know

Of all life's strange, nay ponderous things

Places been, some still to go


Will those I've loved and met, remember me

Like I've engraved them on my mind

Can what I say truly, open eyes

Or am I the one who is blind


For if life has no meaning

Then I must be just a fool

But for me life it means nothing

If I play it by the rules


The voices say I must speak out

From deep inside my soul

And if life has a meaning

Then I must play my role


Don't be afraid! They say that too

Yet I'm still scared as hell

But the voices whisper softly...

They whisper. ”All is well”



The Journey


A journey in mind, from present to past

With an eye to the future

From first thoughts to last, has it all gone so fast

Or, I just didn't care to remember


The formative years, the child like fears

Praying family for always together

So unprepared for growing up, then getting old

For letting loose in an adult world

Yet somehow holding on


Hoping back to the innocence

When mother meant mother

And brother was brother

And your friend was always your friend


It hurts to think of the new age

And new sense of freedom

The change in human values, our bankrupt morals

Push us closer to the edge


I know to be without, to feel without, within

As a child, as a man, yet a child

Still learning, still hoping, still praying, still yearning

Mother Earth may kiss me better


Fall outs but only for hours

A nook was some place to hide

No carnal desires, no financial liars

And ”whizz kids” we found in ”The Beano”


A journey in mind, from present to past

With an eye to the future





Glass House



Nothing to hide

No angel, not demon

Nor old habits that die hard

But they died, yes they did


Meanwhile, a man stands alone

To metamorphisise

But a pale reflection of a day gone by

When a get together was getting out of his mind

Forgetting those he had left behind

Until he came back down.


It's said Time is a healer

But time takes Time

To heal all wounds

To mend shattered dreams

To mend broken pieces

And wash his guilt away


Who knows another’s pain

Who knows of this man's pain

Except the one with nothing to hide

Who lives in a glass house, no stones by his or her side



I Owe You


I owe you a world of thoughts

I owe you a world of dreams

I owe you a million smiles, you know

I owe you simply everything


You´re so deep inside my heart

My love for you I could never hide

Of me you´re such a part you know

That it hurts so much inside


Since the day, you just up and went away

And I miss that you´re no longer by my side



So now you´re free, from the pain that life it brought you

I could see but I couldn´t do a thing to protect you

Though I tried, how I prayed for one more miracle that day


They say sometimes that love is blind

But you´re the one who helped me to see

The one who made me feel, you know

Like nothing was impossible


Why do only the good die young

Get called home before their time

Still had so much to say to you, you know

Had so much of mine to give to you


But it´s too late your spirit it has flown

And my heart it broke as you went on your way


I owe you the world of thoughts (Yeah mama)

I owe you my world of dreams

I owe you ten billion smiles I know it

I owe you absolutely everything



To The Dealers And The Wheelers


Stop, look at she the one newborn

And say me is she now forlorn

To the sentinels of darkness

Stealthful guardians of the night


Get off our precious children's backs

Just leave our kids alone

Please let them live with their families

Don't make them stray from home



The babies are our future

Our present, future world

Our doctors, nurses, presidents

Scientific saviours


Think long, think hard and think on back

To when you were a child

If you got not a chance for life

Please let them have their try


Think long, think hard, of that you do

Say stop for all our sakes

Pray find your un-spoiled once again

And cut the kids a break


Remember when you were a child

Your hopes, your dreams, your fears

We say the children are our future

Let them loose let and lead the way





Dear God


Hope, Peace and Light to meet, how much I wish but no

It seems not ever in this crazy world of ours

Are you listening God, or watching, hey do YOU really care

Why have you forsaken us, I wonder, or are you even there

Well if you are I'm asking, if you will get your finger out

And point the way we need to go, let there be no more doubt


If you’re the one who made the world, then people fucked it up

You can end the strife and human pain and battle induced hurt

What of starvation, affliction, what of loved ones lost

In the end it all comes down to you Dear God, so PLEASE just make them stop

How many Mogadishu’s, Belfast’s, or Beirut’s

How many Pablo Escobar’s, with their fucking coca roots


Please break the vicious circle, bring the powerbrokers to their knees

And make them feel like their victims feel, who suffer for such greed

What say the many innocents of, Power's petty border wars

Conflict leaves no pieces to pick up, save people healing scars


Hellish bastards one and all, like muggers on our streets

In the name of utopian causes Cursed! Damned! Tainted with deceit...

Saddam, Kuwait, the USA... Palestine, Israel... I could go on all day

Dear God, Forgive them not, for they know exactly what they do







     All the world's an Anfield, believe me this is it!

The game of life played out there everywhere

Not just Liverpool's hallowed pitch

Became a star, the people roared ”For us you're number one!”

”Who shot you down” they're asking now,

Dear John our favourite son


He only spoke of Love, Imagine – Peace, he did not wish for war

Each time another human died, he cried,”oh why what is it for”

He was not afraid of governments, of those people holding keys

He merely told them they must "Stop!

Release the people please!”

 How can we stand back when we know

That we're not wrong, we're right

The hollow empty systems lie! WE THE PEOPLE RULE...not might!

We've taken all we can from you - you've stretched us on your racks

With bloodless revolution then, we will surely take it back

So much to lose and yet to gain, a need to know and learn

Teachers face the other way! Let the students have their turn...


Just then the systems listened, not liking what they heard

Answered ”Death to all those radicals!”, but there the bullets erred

Who gunned John down? Not only him – for he did not work alone

He too was partly innocent, DMC, the system's clone

Yet they could never kill your memory, we won't forget you John

A prophet lives eternally, you are a favourite son


We mourned you in your leaving, but we shall meet again

When the whistle blows at Anfield, for the ending of the game

Then we'll go home and talk it over, replay it all once more

And think of internationals... God's Footballer, for sure


A working class hero is something to be...